Tigers Nest in Bhutan

Cultural tours in Bhutan

Bhutanese culture is one of the distinctive cultures in the world. As a tiny country with a very small population the need to preserve culture and tradition is amplified. This unique culture is a means of protecting the sovereignty of the nation. The distinctiveness of the culture and tradition is visible in the everyday life of the Bhutanese. Visitors are amazed by the uniqueness of this hidden land and some authors have even described the journey to Bhutan as ‘going back to the past’.

Tanzender Mönch an einem buddhistischen Festival

Festivals in Bhutan

One of the most colorful festivals in the Bhutanese calendar is the Tshechu performed in all the Dzongs and in many monasteries and temples spread throughout Bhutan. Tshechu is a mask dance festival to commemorate the events in the life of Guru Rinpochoe who is revered as the second Buddha in Bhutan. There is also a display of Thongdrol, large scroll paintings of deities and saints which have the power to liberate people from sin that they had committed just by seeing it. People gather from all walks of life to witness this significant event. There are many other festivals distinct to different villages which are mostly animistic in nature performed by mediums. The festivals are moment for social get-together where people wear their finest clothes and jewelries.

Alter Mann in Bhutan

Duration 10 days

Best time to travel:November to March

Price on request


Cultural tour to beautiful Phobjikha-Valley

The tour will lead you to the the Glacial Phobjikha valley with elevation of (2900m) famed for the migratory black- necked cranes that make it their winter home. One of the tour's highlights will be to see the rare birds. This cranes arrives from Tibet towards the end of the October, marking the end of the harvesting season and the time for the cattle and their herder to move down to warmer climes and beginning of March they fly back to Tibet.

Festival in Bhumthang, Mönch am Musizieren

Duration 12 days


Price on request


Wangdi Festival Tour

The twelve-day tour will lead you to the centre of Bhutan. One of the tour's highlights will be the festival in Wangdi. The colorful event is fascinating and allows you to gain an insight into Bhutan's exciting culture and unique traditions. Let the amazing atmosphere enchant you!

musician monk at a buddhist festival

Duration 15 days

Price on request


Across the land of thunderdragon - cultural tour

This journey is the ultimate immersion into the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, as we travel across the country ending our trip in India. We begin in Western Bhutan as we explore temples accessible only on foot, and hike to the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery. We travel to the cultural heart of Bhutan and explore the fascinating culture, festival and legends that pervade this beautiful valley. Continuing east, we explore areas of Bhutan that are seldom visited by western guests. This journey is truly a unique experience for those who are looking to take in all that is special about Bhutan.